I am not a financial advisor or certified in any way but I am 100% debt free with a nice retirement savings. I can refer you to many qualified financial advisors or fiduciaries but it is best to have some money to start with first.

Many PDR techs make big money but they don’t know what to do with it.

I have many friends in their 50s, 60 and even 70s who still push dents. Unfortunately, they do not do it for the love of the game but because they financially have to in order to survive. Big money can lead to big mistakes.

“You need a system that automates your retirement. I have several plans you can put in place that will ensure you retire rich and early.”

You can take the first panel of each week and deposit it in a separate account. This should be your emergency fund and will grow quickly. Whether it is a wholesale fender or a hail damaged roof, set this money in a different account and do not touch it. You have the rest of the week to hustle so you won’t even notice it.

You could also pick a dollar amount to pay yourself first each week and set up an automatic online transfer. This will also accumulate very rapidly. Once you have an emergency fund, you should look to invest some of the money, usually in an IRA (Simple, Roth or SEP).

These are just two simple techniques to help show you how simple a system can be. I am here to help you set them up and give you hundreds of other tips, tricks and techniques that will help you make your money work for you instead of you working for your money.

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