If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life...

What crap. I mean, I definitely get the concept, but I have always loved what I have done to make money but I have always tried to work harder, longer and smarter than anyone else. My Nano (Grandpa in Italian) was written up as the number one foundry man in the United States and he gave me my work ethic. I have worked until vomiting, I have worked until I bled, and I have worked through any obstacle. I never complain, I thrive on it!

I have always been passionate about work and strive to be the best. When I ran car wash chains, I worked for the 4 largest in the US. I won Employee of the Year awards, Golden Broom Awards (prestigious national award given for cleanest location), a National Hero Award for public service and still hold the national record of 242 cars in one hour.

After 16 years as a “bug scrubber”, I found a new love in detailing. Yep, I got to make cars look even better than just washing them. I was hired to detail cars for the Celebrity Car Auction in Las Vegas. My family team and I detailed 153 elite vehicles including, Kitt from Knight Rider, the Original Bat Mobile, The Monkey’s Gull Wing, and many more. I gave the Scarab boat from Miami Vice a wash and polish. I washed the very first 4 Mini Coopers to hit U.S. soil and even detailed a president’s car.

My detailing career led me to repairing dents. It always bothered me that even with a thousand dollar detail (yes, they get that in depth) the car would still have door dings making it look bad. This started my 15 plus year career pushing dents. After repairing large dents and door dings locally, I discovered that I have a knack for hail damage repair. It came naturally to me and I could repair severe damage that others could not; and I enjoyed it! In 2007 when the space shuttle was damaged by hail, I was asked to fix it. Although this was an honor, it was not worth the risk of trying something outside my scope of expertise. I’ll stick to cars, thanks.

With my company, AutoHail, I traveled the globe to over a half a dozen countries repairing hail damage until in 2009, I hurt my shoulder while working a really bad storm in Melbourne and Milton, Australia. I worked through the pain, but the next year in New Orleans, it became to bad to keep going. I had to go home and get MRI and CAT Scans. I was able to avoid the surgery, but had to endure several years of grueling physical therapy. This is what led to the creation of EdgyTools. My study of the human body and ergonomics.

At EdgyTools, I have learned so much and had such a blast every step of the way! From taking an idea to a sketch to formal CAD Drawings, to a prototype, to full blown manufacturing is such a rush! Marketing and distributing and shipping has been a true joy to learn and improve.

I am still extremely passionate about AutoHail and have the best team of friends that do such an amazing job and I still roll up my sleeves each year and fix dents myself just not as fast as the good old days. My love of tools and EdgyTools has also led me down new roads with the invention of the Control Punch ™, an ergonomic knockdown (a tool used when you push a dent up too high, you knock it back down). I had the Ah-Ha moment when I realized that this wasn’t just great for dent repairmen, but for any industry that uses a nail set or punch such as carpenters, painters, leather workers, etc..

I had such faith in this new product, that I attended the National Hardware Expo in Las Vegas and presented the Control Punch™ to experts just like the Shark Tank on TV. I loved this experience so much and everyone that has helped me to chase this dream!

At the time of this writing, I believe I am close to a licensing deal for the Control Punch with one of the nicest guys I could hope to meet. I am also over a few of the hurdles to bring a new product to Apple. Many of my friends who also share the product development bug have trusted me to help them bring their product to market. I am an Official Product Innovator for Mattel Toys. This is indeed an exciting time in my life!! If you have a product you would like help creating or bringing to market, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page: Contact Form Submission.

Dave Streen Control Punch