Dave Streen, owner of AutoHail, LLC, is very passionate about hail dent repairs

Since I first had a dent repaired in my driveway by a Dent Wizard Paintless Dent Repair technician, I was hooked. It was like watching a magic trick (magic is one of my hobbies). I was working for Terrible Herbst Car Wash at the time and I went running to them with this new information that a dent could be completely removed from a vehicle without any sign it was ever there. No painting, no waiting. I presented the idea to offer this service at our detail centers but they were not interested. I however could not leave the idea alone.

I started researching and decided that I would learn the skill on my own and then present it again only instead of hiring the service out, I would train in house dent guys. This proved much more difficult than I could have imagined.

I purchased my first beginner set of dent tools from A-1 Tools and Anson and attempt to repair a friends bashed in quarter panel on his Nissan. I butchered it and cracked the paint. I realized that this one not something that you just pick up easily so I started asking around and researching and found that US Dent Tools offered the most complete paint-less dent repair training in the industry. They were even certified by the Board of Education.

Long story short, I left the car wash industry and enrolled in dent school. I spent 6 weeks in Kansas City getting trained and another year practicing and finally received my Master Certification. Another student in my graduating class was Scott. We became instant friends and still work together to this day chasing hail storms.

I started a local route servicing car washes, body shops, dealerships and retail customers. When I started my third year, Racine, WI had a terrible hail storm and Chris, the owner of Geneva AutoBody took me around to see if we could help the body shops in Racine with their damage.

I landed my first hail spot and discovered that I was indeed a natural. I could repair hail damage cleaner and faster than some of the guys who taught me dent repair. After working in Racine for months, I knew I loved hail repair and started chasing all over the United States.Whenever it hailed, I would get called in to work or I would simply drive my truck there and find a spot.

In 2005, after repairing the bad hail damage at Morrie’s Hyundai near Minneapolis, MN the crew of hail techs who were repairing the Volkswagen dealership recruited me. They heard that I was doing the cleanest work without any complaining. That is were I met one of my best friends, Robert. Robert and I started working together and formed an amazing team. We would travel all around the globe together for over a decade. We worked in Australia, Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy together. We still team up every chance we get.

In 2014, I met Brendan and we worked a few storms together and we just really clicked. Brendan now runs the entire West Coast Region for AutoHail. With his help, we have built an amazing team of great guys and turn out amazing work more consistently than anyone else in the industry. We even have full blown body shops in Texas for the first time where Brendan, Darrell, Johnny, Scott and Robert have helped make us such an instant success.

I could not be more proud of what we have accomplished and how we have been able to help so many people get back to normal after the Nationally broadcasted Wylie Texas hail storm.

Wylie Texas Hail Damage