Dave Streen grew up in Chicago...

In one of my earliest memories, I was 5 years old, walking home from Kindergarten, lying on my back on the street corner. Eric B. was standing over me with a huge rock ready to bash my brains in. Eric and I were off-and-on best friends. He lived across the street and we would hang out all the time and occasionally we would fight. All of a sudden I saw 2 hands grab the giant rock from Eric’s hands and drag the rock and Eric who was still clutching it, off of me. Then I saw Eric get shoved to the ground and told that he better go home if he knew what was good for him, which he did.

Who was this new hero helping me to my feet? Joe H. My new (and still 40 years later) best friend. I asked him why he did that when he didn’t even know who I was. He said that he didn’t care who I was, that it wasn’t fair and he wasn’t going to let the kid kill me. I owed him my life; a debt which he tried to cash in on many, many times through dares and stupid events throughout the years. From out-of-control field fires to solo parachuting to driving stunts that even Hollywood has not recreated.

Eric and I stayed friends but drifted apart around Jr. High when I moved away. We are reconnected on Facebook now. Joe still lives in Chicago and I get to see him every now and then. We talk on the phone and text a lot.

Dave Streen Chicago

The adventures Joe and I (and his whole family) shared over the years helped shape the man I am today. If I had a fear, they made sure I faced and overcame it. When they heard I was afraid of sledding, they tied a toboggan to the Cadillac and flung me around the neighborhood. I was afraid of heights so they made me jump from a perfectly good airplane. I learned that overcoming fear, not only made me a stronger person, but it was almost always fun and it created the best memories. I use this skill today in pursuing anything I desire. I don’t get scared, I get excited. Thanks Joe!

Today, I try to inspire the people around me to conquer their fears and go after their dreams! If this is something you would like help with from speaking on stage, reaching for and attaining your next business or personal level, or anything else you are too nervous to start, please reach out to me! (Remember, if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!)